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Are you a creative person who is an entrepreneur or do you work for a company where you’re not growing?
Are you managing a career or job transition in the arts?
Are you unable to tap into your most creative self while working in another field?
Are you limiting yourself? Are you stuck? What stops you from getting what you want?
As a Life Coach focused on creatives, my solution is to really investigate exactly where your passions lie, look at how you spend your time, articulate your long and short term goals and wrap them around the current demands and realities of your life. I will support you in finding your inspiration and help you use strategies to stay on track with your goals. When we are done with our sessions, you will have taken one or more of these actions: changed jobs, reevaluated your career, found renewed joy with your balanced life and have the kind of focus that a creative and very intelligent person is drawn to. Call me today and let’s discuss how I can help you find your passions and put them into action!

Susanne Kahle-Keene, CEO 
Life Coach

Life Coach in LA - Susanne Kahle Keene
Phone: 310-592-6260
Email: sk@lifecoachinla.com
Website: https://lifecoachinla.com



Life Coach in Los Angeles – Susanne Kahle – 310-592-6260