Coaching Laser Session


Ms. G who worked for an entertainment firm, was told that she and her boss would be laid off in three months, that her department would be eliminated.  Her boss told her he was considering starting his own business and if the funding came through, he would offer her a position to work with him again when their jobs both ended at the firm.  She and her boss were excellent colleagues and she welcomed the idea of having him for her boss again.

She was told she would have three months severance pay.  She was sure she would also be able to get unemployment payments and felt she would be all right for a few months.

The anticipation that her boss would, indeed find the funding and hire her at his company was exhilarating because she did like working with him.

Dilemma:  What if he did not find the funding and he could not hire her within three to six months?  What are her other options?


Within a 15 minute laser session, she came up with Plan A, B and C.

Plan A was getting the lay-off and relaxing with the three months severance pay.  At the end of the three months, she would begin work for her old boss in his new company.

Plan B was getting laid off, begin looking for a new job and using the severance pay in the meantime.  If she needed to, she could get unemployment benefits.  While looking for the new job she could do the writing (scripts for film) which she had not had time to do in the past two years while at her job.

Plan C was to consider exploring the notion of changing professions and/or going back to school.