Life Coaching

  • Relationships at work and at home: finding community, seeking companionship, relationships with children, parents and siblings.
  • Family issues: childcare, financial stability, loss of income, prioritizing activities and demands, flexible work schedules, shared parenting, special needs children and gifted/creative children.
  • Parenting styles: issues specific to women, issues specific to men, single parenting, distinctions between parenting styles, minimizing mixed messages to children, limitations and boundaries, family spiritual decisions, respectfulness, education, wellness and lifestyle balance for both the parent[s] and child[ren].
  • Financial Responsibilities: real and imagined fears around money, identifying lifestyle choices (city vs. rural vs. suburbs), choices supporting school and college.
  • Aging Parents: “sandwich generation,” long-distance families, balancing needs of nuclear family with medical/emotional needs of aging parents.
  • Negative self-talk or self-image:  what stories are we telling ourselves and are they true?  Do you draw to you what you deserve? There is strong evidence to suggest we can, indeed turn these negative thoughts to positive ones, through coaching.
  • Procrastination, feeling “stuck” and not sure what to do next: coaching helps you develop your own strategies to, not only move forward, but really identify what and how to take the next step.
  • Feelings of overwhelm: in today’s busy world, with increased technology and multiple demands, it’s difficult to where to start or what is most important.  With the support of a coach you will develop skills particular to your needs and lifestyle and determine if something is timely or urgent, fun or burdensome, necessary or ultimately inconsequential.
  • Healthy lifestyle and wellness: what contribution do you make on your own behalf to live a strong, vibrant and healthy lifestyle.  How do you eat and what are your simple pleasures?  It is important to be realistic and approach these issues in self-love.  These can be complicated sets of issues for some, and a piece of cake for others.  Often, what we eat, our activity level, our realistic limitations of health or time, are all taken into consideration to ensure you that demands your respect

Career and Job Coaching

  • For-Profit/Corporate/Non-Profit Culture – what culture is the best fit for you?  Take the time to determine whether the public or private sector is the best work environment for you, where you want to be in the future and what priorities are operating from?
  • Exploration of current and former job/career histories and skills; where are your successes and what challenges have you learned from?  Where are the opportunities for change?
  • Salary and benefits history:  are you meeting your personal and family needs?
  • Executive management style (yours, your boss’s, your company culture)
  • Colleagues and work teams (relationships and structure)
  • Issues related to launching a career/business, mid-career or senior level; retirement.
  • Part time and full time work in health care, entertainment, industrial/environmental work, social service, organic gardening, and insurance.
  • Education and technical training and experience; skill sets
  • What lights you up? What inspires you?
  • What’s your avocation? Hobbies?
  • Resume review and rewriting
  • Cover letter – when is it necessary, and when is it not?
  • Best practices
  • Interview techniques

Leadership Coaching

  • Communication skills
  • Management and organizational assessments
  • Negotiation and mediation techniques
  • Organizational structure corporate culture
  • Salary scales & benefit issues
  • Changes in career paths
  • Transferrable leadership qualities
  • Performance and Public Speaking

 Special Niches

  • Non-profit and For-profit careers
  • Coaching people in creative fields (acting, music, arts, graphic design)
  • Education/higher education/teaching/librarianship
  • Parenting creative children
  • Relationship coaching
  • Team coaching

Team Coaching

I work with small businesses, educational institutions and non-profit foundations/groups exclusively.  My specialty is determining how a team can work together most efficiently, where and how to communicate at an optimum, whether you are executive, manager or staff.  With mediation and negotiation training, I support managers to effectively avoid common problems in the work place, and minimize difficulties by using specific language and positive strategies.  By encouraging clarity and team building, colleagues will be poised to operate collaboratively, understanding a consistent set of goals and contributing to the greater good of the organization or department.


Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is most effective when the client commits to at least 3 sessions per month for at least 3 months.  Some clients decide to continue but generally go to twice a month and eventually maintain at once a month for a period of time, which is best determined by client and coach together.

Team Coaching

As a Leadership Coach, I will assess the problem and come up with a specific plan for team building.  Costs are determined by agreement, the organization’s budget, the number of people involved and the time needed for coaching in this particular situation.

I work “by agreement” and/or a cost per session, though I do reserve a few spots for clients who need to work with me on a sliding scale.  Some of my clients are local, and I also have clients all over the world.  Depending on the client’s situation, coaching sessions can be by phone or via the Internet and Skype.  To ask more specific questions, please contact me at or call me at (310) 592-6260.

Life Coach in Los Angeles – Susanne Kahle – 310-592-6260