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Do Your Values Match Your Work Life?

When we are present to what we value and we align those with those values, life seems less difficult and things move along more easily.  If your values are not aligned with your everyday choices, you are generally less satisfied, lean toward the unhappy, and you may often feel somewhat conflicted.  Continue reading

Five Must-Do’s for Job Seekers

1.  DO Expand Your Scope [Don’t Limit Yourself]

Limiting your options narrows your opportunities.  The more types [categories] of jobs you apply for can multiply the possibility of landing a job.  For example, if you came from a background of fund raising, you may transfer those skills to sales, because you have been training in knowing how to “ask.”  Similarly, if you planned events as a children’s librarian in a public library, you may be able to transfer those skills to a company that specializes in event planning.  When you expand your possibilities, more opportunities can present themselves.

2.  DO List All Your Skills, Abilities, Special Talents and Experiences

Everyone has qualities that set them apart from others.  You may know a second language, may have traveled some place exotic, volunteered, come from a family of 10 children, earned an award, or played club soccer.  Anything that sets you apart from the rest of the applicants can be a memorable distinction to the hiring manager/interviewer.  Never underestimate your values, talents, and special gifts.  Everyone has at least one to share!

3.  DO Have Multiple Resumes.  With each resume emphasizing different strengths and abilities, your chances of landing a job increase by 50 to 100%.

The former executive director of a non-profit agency has experience raising money, managing staff, writing grants and planning events.  This person could have 4 or more resumes looking for positions such as  i) a grant writer  ii)  an event planner  iii)  a major gifts officer  iv)  an administrator/manager.  Stay open and positive about all opportunities and possibilities as your chances of landing a job will increase.

4.  DO Reach Out To Your Network and Beyond

At first networking may seem overwhelming.  It’s important to either make a list or create a visual picture of each of your networks (current and former positions/jobs, family, friends, local retailers you frequent, gym, social clubs, spiritual centers, kid’s school parents and team parents, dance instructor, spouse’s racquetball partner).  Now consider all the people each of those people know!  You never know who is looking for his/her own employee, or knows of a friend who is looking for an employee in his company. A gym acquaintance sits on a board of a local social service agency and heard they were looking for a business officer.  You may be the one!  Until you let others know you will never know just who has the inside scoop on a possible job for you.

5.  DO Have Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

If you are without work or if you have a job but are looking to switch jobs or careers, it is important to decide how long you can manage without income or without getting stir-crazy.  As a short-term goal, you may need to take a short-term job to generate cash flow or to stay in the game. You may work on temporary communications consultant projects for small businesses or nonprofits while waiting to land the corporate position. Your current position is not necessarily tied to your long-term goal.  Do see this as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Balance In Your Life: An Interesting Approach

The Life Balance for Macintosh application under the category of Llamagraphics, is indeed a mystery to me.  I, who will do anything to put off starting something I find difficult, went to the Internet to find Llamagraphics to see if this lovely application might help me move forward in writing my blogs.

It is even more amusing that I am a Life Coach and encourage my clients to write, play and compose music, publish books and articles, search for jobs and careers that inspire them, and here I am, looking for applications to balance my life!  I have these voices that tell me nasty things!  My old brain patterns tell me to predict the outcome:  “I’ll get judged,”  “I’ll get criticized,”  “someone won’t like or take issue with what I wrote,” and WORSE, will edit my misspellings, my grammar, and deem me to be a complete idiot (“where did she get her degree?” “Who taught her?”).

So, when I discovered Llamagraphics, I thought that this would be the answer to all my problems!  Wrong.  I downloaded the free version of Life Balance 5.1.1, ready and open to all available suggestions on how to sit down at my desk and write when the other things in my life felt more fun??  A lesson in work-life balance, indeed!

I wanted to pull my hair out.  There were lists and lists of things to do, color coding, “fun” activities, “social” activities, “client activities,” etc.  It obviously works for some people.  I guess my life is too gestalt.  My life kind of all runs into one life except that my written calendar keeps my integrity in tact by holding times for appointments and actually being present to the meeting as written.  NO WAY could I use this Llamagraphics application (Life Balance 5.1.1), but there may be some of you who would find it impressive, helpful and life changing.  You may be GenExers or Millennials and really find this works perfectly into your life.  For me – it’s too much information, too many categories (and I have an academic library degree!!).  I say this not to criticize but to highlight how very different we all are. There is no right or wrong here; just what fits.

I don’t really use my iphone calendar as much as I could but I love the alerts and reminders. I don’t need to figure out a program so I can figure out my life; I’m the old fashioned write-down-your week-in-At-A-Glance-calendar and scan the whole week with your eyes in one quick moment.  Sure, you can do this on a computer and a pda, but I’m just saying what my preference continues to be. 

So how do we create life balance?  That’s a big question I work on with my clients every day.  Try this application and see if it works for you.  But if it doesn’t, you might begin with the area in which you are most stopped.  Then get a coach, supporter, or mentor to help keep you accountable – lovingly and gently.  Begin with one small section, only one.  The feeling of overwhelm is generally less frightening.  Instead of such seriousness, take one small piece, and go! Lighten the burden by taking one small step instead of the whole thing.  For me, it works with writing, doing my taxes, cleaning, networking and shopping.  It just takes one little step.