“Susanne is the unique coach who combines intelligence, empathy, knowledge, direction that catapults you to establishing and meeting personal and professional goals.  She knows when to provide instruction and when to allow space for your own creativity. I highly recommend her. Five Stars”
– Bob Livingstone, Psychotherapist and critically acclaimed self-help author

“Susanne is an amazing coach! In just a few sessions we went from discussing my professional background and career goals to reworking my resume and cover letter, applying to job openings, and coaching me for a job interview. Susanne can quickly grasp what it is you’re looking to get out from the career coaching sessions and effectively meet your expectations. Thanks for your guidance and advice, Susanne!”

– KS, Project Manager

“My goal was to get my life re-balanced and find ways to incorporate self-care into my regime. Throughout our sessions I realized some other issues needed to be addressed prior to setting new goals. From there, I began to incorporate self-care into my weekly life and set new goals in other areas of my life. Working through [this issue] with Susanne provided me with a new approach to my current life. I immediately felt more satisfied with my life and the new roles I hold.

Susanne is a great listener and “investigator” She was able to pick up on key issues that needed to be addressed. Often these were issues that I wasn’t aware that needed attention. She seemed to know exactly what questions to ask to help me move forward. Another quality that I really appreciated in Susanne was her ability to empathize and share personal experiences that were very relevant to my situation. Knowing I was not alone in the way I was feeling was comforting.”
– LeighAnne Rangel Sotomayor, MA, Choreographer

The “setting your intention” exercise has been key in helping me focus and move forward at a quicker pace. With setting my intention I now visualize what the next step in my personal development should sound like, look like, and feel like. From this experience I learned the importance of having a healthy and inspiring support system/ group of friends. I will continue to cultivate meaningful relationships in order to achieve my life goals. Also, I will remember to set my intention before every task and see if the end product fits my goals and values. Susanne is a fun, interactive; task oriented, and focused coach. I never wanted to let her down.
– Alex Montoya, MBA, Consultant

“She has generously given of her inspiration, vision and expertise.  Ms. Kahle is a people person.  Her ability to communicate….was essential to outstanding success.  Her interpersonal skills were supreme in helping me…make contacts and share common interests and goals within [a] huge organization.  She enabled the best sort of synergy…working in distant and apparently disparate corners [of the organization].  She is a person who makes connections.  Ms. Kahle…..[is] someone who brings loyalty, commitment, enthusiasm and concrete and proven skills to her work.”
– John D., PhD (Spanish/Portuguese), University of California

“Her experience with people and institutions contribute to an excellent job and I recommend her highly.  She shows leadership and professionalism…”
– Bud H., Executive Board, New West Symphony

“[Ms. Kahle] led the communications efforts with Board members to ensure their understanding of the critical issues.  [She] made some tough choices in the movement [with] personnel and consultants, and, in the end, proved [her] leadership and management skills…”
– Bill L., Consultant, Weidel.com

“Her work has always involved unflagging, enthusiastic and well-considered [decisions] and has excellent community connections.”  Susanne can summon people with differing priorities and channels them to work together seamlessly.  She is a meticulous organizer as well, her behind-the-scenes work showing primarily in the myriad well-received….presentations….over the years.  She cultivates future [contacts] with a grace and a charm as genuine as they are engaging.  Susanne possesses a skill for networking that is peerless.  She is also exceedingly gracious when people thank her for the invaluable associations that would never have occurred without her.”
– Curt Steindler, Attorney-at-Law

“By background and temperament she works well with professionals in various areas, understanding their needs and translating them into terms comprehensible to [organizations].  Susanne assisted me in long term strategic planning.”
 Patrick G., PhD (History), University of California

“….with her characteristic pro-active approach and enthusiasm for her work, she has been the driving force to make [things] happen.”
– Claudia R., PhD (History), University of California

“Through Susanne’s help as my coach I was able to focus on my goals (tactical) and accomplish them.  Susanne is the first coach I’ve ever had, so it was an interesting process for me….”   “I found it interesting how we can all get caught up in perspectives that affect our ability to process things and move forward, but an outside perspective (from a coach) can bring clarity. I also found that it is very helpful to be accountable to someone (other than myself) to “report” progress to for goals sent the week before.

I appreciated Susanne’s active listening skills, and always felt she was very focused on “me” during each session. And I appreciated her professionalism in terms of not canceling sessions, or having to reschedule them regularly. So I was really happy that Susanne approached this as a real coaching relationship, and conducted herself as such.”  During our sessions, she always had a lot of questions, re-iterated statements I made to ensure her understanding of what I said, and was always organized for each session…”

I think Susanne was a great coach and I really enjoyed the sessions we had together. I’ll miss our weekly sessions!”
– Lisa Orrell, President, The Orrell Group, CA  Author, Millenials Into Leadership

“Susanne has a remarkable ability to accurately identify your unique gifts and talents.  She not only will help you discover your niche using her impressive knowledge of various careers, but she also will teach you how to skillfully navigate the many emotions inherent in life’s transitions.”
– C.K., Communications Specialist/Grants Writer, Los Angeles, CA

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